Creating a Fresh Winter Atmosphere

Although this winter season will be experienced very differently for most of us, a few constants remain and one is seasonal decorating. With a streamlined approach, we can refresh and revitalize our personal space and still capture a comforting, nostalgic atmosphere.

Are you a white and neutral decor kind of person? Or do you love all things red, green, and colorful? Start by choosing your color story and carry it throughout your home, starting from your front porch or entryway to your mantle or a focal point in your living space, all the way to a centerpiece on your dining table. For decor that will last you all winter, I recommend steering clear of items that are too holiday-specific so that they’re still in the season after the holiday is over.

Create a warm and welcoming visual around your front door with solid earth tones as a backdrop for rich and cozy accents. Seasonal flowers and fruits generate bold colors such as bright yellow mums or even a bowl of deep red cranberries. Refresh your outdoor wicker seats or wooden Adirondack chairs with warm rusty colors or metallics and balance with neutral throw pillows and cushions.

Instead of the usual pumpkin patch landscape, how about creating “Glam Gourd”? Metallic finishes on your ornamental fruits contrast nicely with creamy hues and neutrals. Earthy pinecones can also add texture to your display.

Once you select your color tones and accents, find a focal point in your home such as a mantle above the fireplace, a bookshelf, or even a side table. Decorate with candles for a warm display, using lanterns or votives with dried seasonal fillers around the candle such as coffee beans. These can add a subtle aroma of warmth as well. Create a “Memory Lane” with family pictures in frames matching your accent color theme. Re-printing the photos in black and white makes for a nostalgic feel and streamlines the color journey.

Bring it all together with a table centerpiece of fall flowers. Longer lasting blooms such as Sunflowers or Daisies in a simple setting with a mat or runner in your chosen accent will maintain the continuity of your Fall experience. “Consider what fall looks like in your region or yard and mimic it for a more natural design,” Leslie Davis of Paper Daisy Design suggests.

Looking for a fun project to repurpose your pumpkin shells? Fill them with soil and turn them into pots. Local nurseries such as Armstrong Garden Center in California recommend planting cool-season crops this time of year for homegrown salads. Create a fall veggie garden by planting some cabbages or greens such as kale or even herbs. Snip fresh seasoning for family dinners and enhance your table arrangement with long stems of rosemary.

While you are Winter-fying your home, prepare a simmer pot or stovetop potpourri to permeate your home with delightful scents. These simmering blends are very easy to prepare and the variations are endless. Costco magazine referenced an Orange Cranberry recipe that smells divine! The spices include cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, and black peppercorn. These get toasted for a few minutes to “bloom” or release their natural oils. Then add water with orange, apple, and lemon slices. Throw in a cup of cranberries, some fresh rosemary sprigs, and a tablespoon of vanilla extract. When the mixture starts to boil, reduce to a low simmer and walk away for up to four hours. You can reuse this potpourri for four days, just add water as needed and store in the refrigerator in between uses.

With a little creativity, you can enjoy the best parts of winter in your home!